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No Winter,
No Snow,
only the cat, dog and the brownie are awake....

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The Tussie-cat waiting for a meal to come while she enjoy herself heating up her back close to the wall heating elements.

The Brownie asked if we like to have a door wreath keeping the "trolls" away from entering our home. And the fantastic thing has happen, no trolls in sight....

The "bread dryer" works fine for our double rye bread.

Field mouse & normal mouse hunter Mr. Olle does the job better than any customs personnel!!

All the straw bales was intact and no small occupants after the transport.

The light valves makes special pictures and a variation of light phenomenon.

The blooming flower/tree seems to have a nice living below our roof window.

New reed and very old windows fits together in the same wall.

Even though we are in the darkest period of winter, the small sprouts start to grow.

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