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The newcomber to Villa SteamCastle, a steam locomibile made in Turku, Finland 21.2.1921 was on its first job during the "Days of Steam" in Minkiö, Finland.

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The whole operation starts with having the locomobile out from the tent using a little more modern vechicle.

The "Super steam engineer" Mr. Timo Lehmunen from Kuusankoski gives his exellent help when we are loading the heavy, old steam locomobile on our transport carriage.

After arrival to Minkiö I stared to make a new packing for the manhole.

In Minkiö you easily find the right helping force with an old tractor to do the short transports.

The heating is a nice and easy job. Here testing the manual feed water pump sucking water from the green bucket.

The former owners visited us in Minkiö giving a lot of usefull information about the comming repairs and updatings.

The only still in use narrow rail railway on Finland transports tourists between Jokioinen and Humppila. Please, have a closer look at the small boy dressed in clothes from the 1920 times.

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