Common reed

Phragmites australis

"Common reed includes approximately 20 % minerals.
The rest is insulating air.
Common reed can be plastered in the Winter.
Common reed can be mixed with clay.

Clay-seaweed blocks
Clay-woodchip blocks
Clay-sawdust blocks
Clay-straw blocks
in construction results in
moisture preventing
sound insulating
temperature stabilising

It is hard to imagine a better construction material!

The marketing of common reed in Finland should be strenghtened. Using common reed and clay with right techniques results in good solutions. - The only problem is how to make them fashionable.

There is a long tradition of using common reed in Germany but they are lacking the material. In Finland there are vast resources of material but no tradition whatsoever."

Architect Hartwig Reuter's comment in Turun Sanomat Newspaper on 16th October 2003 as discussed in the Varsinais-Suomen perinnemaisemayhdistys' interdisciplinary seminar about common reed's use in Scandinavia and the Baltic states.

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